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      AL-ETIHAD Group is proud to be one of the fastest growing manufacturer of construction materials in the Gulf Corporation Council (United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman). We believe that the key factor to our economic growth is our expertise, experience, and technology that keeps us steps ahead of other competitors. The construction business is continuously growing all over the world; billions of tons of steel, aluminum, and glass are being manufactured and traded worldwide.
      Through our years of expertise we have developed a super efficient infrastructure that allows us to maximize productivity at the lowest possible cost. Our engineers are always working on minimizing costs, wastes and maximizing efficiency. All of our products are to international standards and our Quality Control department is proud to have a very low defect rate. This will have a positive impact for the Canadian and US economy by cutting down delivery times and creating more job opportunities.  
      Currently these are the following Subsidiaries of Al Etihad Group:



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